Gardner Fire Department Saves a Life with LUCAS 3 Chest Compression System Donated by Community Foundation

In February 2018, Community Foundation donated the Physio-Control LUCAS® 3 chest compression system to 15 towns in North Central Massachusetts.


The LUCAS System benefits patients and first responders by enabling continuous, consistent chest compressions to support cardiac resuscitation; in plain English, it performs CPR in a manner that is equivalent to perfect manual chest compressions; this makes the device ideal to address responder fatigue and/or maintain CPR in difficult situations.  


With a retail cost near $15,000, the LUCAS® 3 system isn’t an easy procurement for local fire and rescue departments, but its results can be invaluable. This was the case on May 29, 2018, when Gardner Fire Department personnel were called to a home where they found a 70-year old male who was not breathing, and who also had no pulse.


Thanks to their quick response, and the application of the LUCAS® 3 system, they were able to revive the man, and continue rescue efforts without interruption while he was transferred to Heywood Hospital, and then on to a regional trauma center.


“The Lucas machine has worked very well for our department, we have used it a few times. In this case it was instrumental in assisting in saving this person’s life; to keep him in a condition where the doctors could work with him. It makes the process efficient and extremely helpful for us to get the patient out of a building while still administering high quality CPR.”


Richard Ares, Fire Chief, Gardner Fire Dept.


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