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 New LUCAS Chest Compression System 
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The Physio-Control LUCAS 3® chest compression system will benefit patients and rescuers by enabling continuous consistent chest compressions in cardiac resuscitations.

On Saturday, March 3 2018 at 9AM: Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts (CFNCM), hosted by the Townsend Fire Department, will present an important lifesaving tool to local communities to have on board their vehicles. The foundation recently announced the acquisition of fourteen Physio-Control LUCAS® 3 chest compression systems to be presented to fourteen communities in the service area of CFNCM.

From remote regions to the busiest metropolitan areas, the LUCAS chest compression system has complemented rescuer efforts in saving sudden cardiac arrest victims in more than 80 countries.

 “We are looking forward to adding the LUCAS 3 chest compression system our communities,” said Gary Shepherd, CFNCM Board Member and Deputy Fire Chief, Townsend Fire Department.  “Both patients and rescuers will benefit from this device’s unique abilities to provide lifesaving services efficiently and effectively,” said Gary. 

LUCAS 3 is a mechanical chest compression system that provides compressions at a rate and depth that are consistent with current American Heart Association (AHA) and European Resuscitation Council (ERC) guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Both portable and quick to apply, the device works by providing continuous high-quality chest compressions which are critical to maintaining blood flow to save a sudden cardiac arrest patient’s brain, heart and vital organs. LUCAS 3 is battery-powered or can also be plugged into AC power for prolonged use. The device now also provides Bluetooth® connectivity for post-event review of LUCAS chest compression statistics, pauses, user modes and device alarms and alerts

By providing consistent, high-quality chest compressions, LUCAS 3 can free up personnel to let them focus on other critical emergency patient care such as defibrillation, intubation, IV placement and transportation to a hospital. LUCAS 3 can also provide high-quality compressions in situations where manual CPR may be dangerous or challenging for providers, such as when performing CPR in a moving ambulance or in an angiography suite.


About the LUCAS Initiative

This initiative was created by the Community Foundation of North Central MA after the  Nashoba Valley Healthcare Fund Grant Committee recognized the impact on saving lives that the LUCAS device has made.  This fund, co-managed by CFNCM and the Greater Lowell Community Foundation, has awarded grants to purchase 5 machines to several departments (including Townsend) in the past four years. 

Recognizing the opportunity to deeply impact communities, the NVHCF Advisory Committee voted to award LUCAS-3 devices to the 5 communities in the NVHCF footprint who did not have the equipment.  Prior to approval, each department was vetted by qualified fire personnel and foundation staff to determine that each department had the resources to use the equipment, provide reporting and keep all staff trained on the device.

Following in the spirit of the NVHCF decision, the trustees of CFNCM voted to award nine (9) LUCAS devices to the remaining cities and towns in their service area that did not have the equipment but had the infrastructure to support use of it.   The 9 communities being awarded the devices were vetted in the same manner as those from NVHCF’s initiative.   This decision allowed both initiatives to recognize a cost savings by purchasing the devices under one order.  A representative from PhysioControl, who makes the LUCAS product will be at the event and help facilitate the training.

Townsend Fire Department has graciously offered to host the award event and provide use of their training facility to provide an in-service to staff from the 14 departments.  Townsend Fire Department has received funding for LUCAS equipment in the past and has space and equipment to host this event.

About Physio-Control

Physio-Control, now part of Stryker, is the world’s leading provider of professional emergency medical response solutions that predict or intervene in life-threatening emergencies. The company’s products include LIFEPAK® monitor/defibrillators and automated external defibrillators (AED), LUCAS® chest compression systems, the LIFENET® System, HeartSine® AEDs and more.


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