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The Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts grew out of a passion to build a better community. North Central Massachusetts has proven to be a compassionate and caring community - working together to make the region a better place to live for today and future generations.

The concept for a regional foundation was born out of a small, but committed United Way of North Central Massachusetts committee looking at ways to further build overall philanthropy giving. The success enjoyed by United Way through their Leadership Giving program demonstrated the capacity and desire for our very own Community Foundation, which would allow the individuals, families, businesses and agencies to establish permanent endowments to benefit the community forever.

Richard W. Nobile and Robert C. Alario, who both worked on the committee, spent countless hours doing research and visiting other community foundations to determine the most efficient and effective ways to establish a community foundation for our region.

After nearly two years of planning and development, the United Way's Board of Directors agreed to fund the launch of the Foundation with the help of a $1 million gift from Ronald M Ansin of Harvard, Mass. Thanks to the generous support of Mr. Ansin and the United Way, the Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts was officially created April 25, 2000. It was incorporated as a 501(c) (3) public corporation August 30, 2001.

After growing to nearly $50 million in assets and distributing and granting over $40 million, in 2017, the Foundation created the Richard W. Nobile Operational Fund, which will be used to further the work of the Foundation.

Dick Nobile of Holden, Mass. was instrumental in launching the organization 16-years ago. Dick was recently elected emeritus trustee, after serving as a trustee, and the Foundation wanted to recognize Dick’s contribution forever, as well as ensure that the work of the Foundation continues in perpetuity and this fund will make that happen.

Modeled after similar foundations in communities across the United States, the Foundation is a collection of charitable funds established through donor contributions. The Foundation also includes a general fund that makes annual grants through a 'request for proposal' (RFP) process that solicits grants proposals from local nonprofits in the area of the arts, environment, education and health. 

Individuals, families, corporations and non-profit organizations can contribute to the Foundation by making a gift to one of the existing funds or by establishing a named fund.

The Foundation, as a public charity, raises virtually all its resources from a broad cross-section of the public each year. It was formed as a way to allow people, regardless of financial resources, to contribute money to an endowment to benefit their communities or causes they care passionately about.

The Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts, as a local non-profit organization, is the perfect vehicle for people to give back to the community. It provides donors with a great deal of flexibility while maximizing tax advantages.


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